It's finally Friday! 🎉 it's been fun having an all pastel themed week! Maybe I'll have a new theme next week 😊
Fruity Dreamsicle Recipes ~ I would like to officially announce my protest against the end of summer. And I would like to announce it with POPSICLES! Dreamsicles, really. A summer dreamsicle party.
Sometime around the middle of May, I start feeling the summer vibes come on strong. Whether the weather cooperates or not, all I can think about is popsicles, vacations, and loud music! And those summer vibes have definitely been creeping into my art lately. Besides painting an inordinate amount of
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Darum ist die Eismaschine bei McDonald's ständig außer Betrieb - #außer #bei #Betrieb #Darum #Die #Eismaschine #fondos #ist #McDonalds #ständig
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